All my dogs are hand sewn and make lovely presents for a special event, maybe a christening or a new child's bedroom, or just because...!!  They can come with a note saying 'commissioned especially for Fred Bloggs' if you like.

There are three patterns: tartan, floral or circles, and each can come in a colour wave you choose; you might want an existing one, or request your own choice (in which case ask me how much time I'll need to make it!). Have a look at some of the examples above.


Some dogs are larger than others depending on the count of the canvas: larger count canvas creates a dog width of 14cm, and smaller count to a dog width of 10.3cm.


Some are exampled in a  frame but the price is for the embroidered canvas unframed:  you can source appropriate frames easily and cheaply at places like Ikea, Wlkinsons, Tiger etc.  The price includes UK postage but please ask me if you live abroad. 

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