My designs are usually commissioned for a special Birthday or Anniversary, and I'm regularly told people then frame the card to keep. They all take me several hours to do; some of my gardens have fabric flowers woven in and some have beading in amongst the embroidery thread & organza. Give me an idea of the designs that particularly take your fancy below; or if the recipient has favourite colours or flowers.


No two designs are the same.  And the gardens are all different sizes ranging between around 7 x 9cm to 10 x 10 cm. If you want it just as the backing canvas so you can frame it yourself let me know (places like lkea, Wilkinsons, Tiger and so on have nice looking but very reasonable frame options). Otherwise it will come as a card with envelope, and can also come with a note on the back saying "commissioned especially for Freda Bloggs', or "Jenny's Garden"  if you like (see example above). For special birthdays I can nestle the number in small stitches in amongst the flowers as exampled in the 16th Birthday garden above.


Price includes UK postage but please ask me if you live abroad. 

NB: as a card you can choose Brown card, Cream card or White card.

Floral Display