A collection of six cards all hand-made by me using a combination of embroidery, textile & collage - and now also with some dried flowers saved from my lockdown garden in 2020! That's just £2.50 for a card giving that very personal touch. (UK p&p included in price).


They will come in a chiffon bag and the sets prove very popular as gifts as well as for your own use for Birthdays or 'Hellos'. All mounted on a mix of white, cream, brown, or coloured cards of different sizes - I choose a size/colour to best present each design - and the designs will vary!  I do usually have some made but may sometimes need to make them for you.


There are designs in: The Kennel, Pussy Cat Dudes, The Garden or Love:


* EveryDay Pack: a variety of 6 designs including The Kennel, P.Cat Dudes, The Garden & Love


OR choose a pack of 6 all in the same family:

* Love: a variety of 6 designs based on lovehearts

* The Garden: a variety of 6 flower designs, maybe dried flowers, maybe textile & thread

* P.Cat Dudes: bringing you 6 new feline friends, all named on the back of the card

* The Kennel: I've added some canine friends too!  Also named on the back of the card


Feel free to Message me if you have a request on style or colour - or want them for a deadline.


UK postage & packing included but I'll have to charge you postage if you want them sent abroad

Hand-Sewn Card PACKS