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A number of items from the Strangeness in Space memorabilia Collection

Trev & Simon wrote their audio comedy Strangeness in Space for anyone aged 6-60 to enjoy; and they invited Sophie Aldred to co-star in it with them, with Clare Eden producing. All six episodes are available to download for free at We can see that the series is still being down-loaded and any proceeds help us afford to keep it FREE online longer. 


Trev & Simon-Sophie-Clare signed A4 Artcards: previously £15, now £12 inc UK p&p

All four have signed each card.

  • our Original Strange Logo by acclaimed artist Lee Sullivan
  • Team Strange photograph - at least three of us knew what we were doing!
  • our Rocketship image - designed by the wonderful Dave Palser
  • our Bohemian Rhapsody inspired shot created with the help of Mirthling Ian Knight



Collector's Edition CDs: previously £10, now £6.50 inc UK p&p
Dave Palser remastered Eps 1 & 2, to catch that richer sound you can achieve on CD than download - and to make them extra special, we added in some terrific bonus material from the cast. Or you might fancy The Greatest Hits CD featuring all Pink Custard's songs over the Series! (* Pink Custard, Tilbury's No 1 synth pop band, aka Trev & Simon)

  • Episode 1: Featherheads
  • Episode 2: The Five
  • Pink Custard's Greatest Hits


Prices include UK p&p but we may need to ask for extra on postage abroad.




Strangeness in Space Memorabilia

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