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What exactly is it I do?  


It's an eclectic mix but this website will give you a idea of the range of my work for my clients, most of whom have been with me for many years.

I worked for thirteen years as an Actors' Agent at the Mayer & Eden agency, having started with a Degree in English & Drama at The University of Manchester.  I followed that with seven years as an Agent at the Clare Vidal-Hall agency working with Directors, Designers & Lighting Designers. In each agency representing a number of Award winning clients (Academy, Emmy, Olivier, Tony, BAFTA) as well as young clients at the start of a blossoming career.  That gave me a broad skillset to now help freelancers in the industry in a wide variety of related areas:-

* I have a couple of clients to whom I offer Personal Management:  

* I have Regular Other Clients who have a separate agent handling their performance work but use me for the areas their agent doesn't cover -  and all use me in different ways.   Amongst them Sheila Hancock, Zoë Wanamaker, Richard Wilson, Jenny Agutter, Heather Peace, Roberta Taylor, Peter Guinness, Celia Imrie, Gawn Grainger, Geraldine James as well as retired agent Jeremy Conway and writer/director Julian Simpson. All need entirely different support and this page will tell you more.  

* I run the John Thaw Foundation from my office - a small charity set up by John before he died which supports underprivileged and disadvantaged children. Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications.

It is best to approach by email rather than phone: 

 If it's an Emergency then use Mobile:   07973  740885

Email me if address is needed.

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