What exactly is it I do?  


It's an eclectic mix but this website will give you a idea of the range of my work for regular clients, all of whom have been with me for many years (Sylvester McCoy, Jenny Agutter, Sheila Hancock, Trev & Simon, Philip Glenister, Celia Imrie, Peter Guinness, Roberta Taylor, Michelle Guish), and also of the kind of work I take on for ad-hoc clients. 

I worked for thirteen years as an Actors' Agent at the Mayer & Eden agency, having started with a Degree in Drama & English at The University of Manchester.  I followed that with seven years as an Agent at the Clare Vidal-Hall agency working with Directors, Designers & Lighting Designers. In each agency representing a number of Award winning clients (Academy, Emmy, Olivier, Tony, BAFTA) as well as young clients at the start of a blossoming career.  

I now have my own business working with freelancers in the industry in a variety of related areas; all spinning off from any of that, in whatever way a client needs.  Basically, I'm happy to consult on anything relating to my skillset and experience over thirty years in the business!


Here's an idea of the range of work:

* I have a couple of clients to whom I offer Personal Management:  Sylvester McCoy as an Actor,

   and Trev & Simon performing & writing as a double act, and individually as Trevor Neal, Simon Hickson.

* Other Regular Clients have a separate agent who handles their performance work but use me for things         their agent doesn't help with. All need different things, and only pay me when they need me.  That can be     anything from fan-mail & charity appearances to running their social media news-feeds for them; from a         backlog of paperwork to managing one-off emergency situations like moving house or organising an             event.  Find out more here.

* Ad Hoc: my ad hoc work includes:

   > helping freelancers or small businesses to get an accounts' backlog  under control, or set up systems               when starting out

   > negotiating and processing contracts for those with a more complex offer but no agent

   > a personal accounts' spring clean; prepping for a retirement, or divorce, or planning to go freelance

   > updating websites,  and cvs or personal statements

You can also find out more about my work for the John Thaw Foundation, a small charity set up by John before he died which supports underprivileged and disadvantaged children. 

Or my work as Producer on the audio-dramas: Strangeness in Space (reaching No6 in the iTunes comedy chart and on the Guardian's 'Podcasts You Need to Hear' list)  and The Minister of Chance (which won the Parsec Award in the USA, and was nominated at the BBC Audio Awards). Each series was crowd-funded to a season of six parts, either through established crowd-funding platforms or in-house web stores.

Email:       clare@clareeden.com

Mobile:     07973  740885

Landline:  020 8288 6647

NB: it's often quickest to reach me by email

Based near Twickenham Studios



You can also find me on Twitter at @Execcer and on Facebook here 



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