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What exactly is it I do?  


It's an eclectic mix but this website will give you a idea of the range of my work for my clients, most of whom have been with me for many years.

I worked for thirteen years as an Actors' Agent at the Mayer & Eden agency, having started with a Degree in English & Drama at The University of Manchester.  I followed that with seven years as an Agent at the Clare Vidal-Hall agency working with Directors, Designers & Lighting Designers. In each agency representing a number of Award winning clients (Academy, Emmy, Olivier, Tony, BAFTA) as well as young clients at the start of a blossoming career.  That gave me a broad skillset to now help freelancers in the industry in a wide variety of related areas:-

* I have a couple of clients to whom I offer Personal Management:  

* I have other Regular Clients who have a separate agent handling their performance work but use me for the areas their agent doesn't cover -  and all use me in very different ways: Jenny Agutter, Gawn Grainger, Peter Guinness, Sheila Hancock, Geraldine James, Heather Peace, Roberta Taylor, Zoë Wanamaker & Richard Wilson, as well as retired agent Jeremy Conway and writer/director Julian Simpson. All need entirely different support and this page will tell you more.  

* I run the John Thaw Foundation from my office - a small charity set up by John before he died which supports underprivileged and disadvantaged children. Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications.

It is best to approach by email rather than phone: 

 If it's an Emergency then use Mobile:   07973  740885

Email me if address is needed.

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