The Foundation is a small charity that John Thaw set up before he died and is continued by his widow Sheila Hancock, alongside fellow Trustees Lola Byam Shaw, Helen Cotterill, Julie Legrand,  Abigail Thaw and Clare Vidal-Hall - and with me as Administrator. It has no formal offices or staff other than me working on an as-needed basis amongst my other work.


The Foundation helps disadvantaged and underprivileged youth, affording them an opportunity they might not otherwise have. In the past they have sometimes been able to offer support to students but these were through bursary schemes with selected Performance schools - we don't ever award to individual students.  I should also flag that the Trustees now rarely feel they can invest in the strand of ‘emerging artists and training’.  Instead they feel they need to focus their very limited funds on helping young people in a broader range of projects that will help them fulfil their potential, or get their life back on track, in whatever way they need. 


We only allocate funds at two meetings each year (roughly January and June) - and we try to give to projects where we can see the money will make a real difference.  Most often we will have paid for a small project or strand of their work, sometimes we have contributed towards a large project.


For more information on our remit, and on how to apply if you do have a project that falls within it, please email me at but do be mindful that we are a small Foundation and have to say no to a lot of projects.