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Please go to the Management page to see the couple of clients for whom I am their Manager. This page will show you my Regular 'Other Clients' who all use me in differing ways, but ways their Agent doesn't cover. If you want to approach them about their performing work scroll down for their Agency details.

Richard Wilson
Dame Sheila Hancock
Zoë Wanamaker
Jenny Agutter
Heather Peace
Gawn Grainger
Geraldine James
Peter Guinness
Roberta Taylor
John Thaw estate
Julian Simpson (writer/director)

If you need to ask about performing work for them please contact their Agents here:-

Sheila Hancock:  Claire Maroussas at ITG

Zoë Wanamaker: Nicki van Gelder at CvGG

Jenny Agutter: Harry at The  Artists Partnership 

Gawn Grainger: Dallas Smith at United Agents

John Thaw Estate: to me

Peter Guinness: Roxane Vacca

Geraldine James Julian Belfrage Associates

Roberta Taylor: Roxane Vacca

Celia Imrie: Dallas Smith at United Agents

Richard Wilson:  John Grant at CvGG

Heather Peace: let me know nature of enquiry

Julian Simpson: Sean Gascoine at United Agents

Social Media 


increasingly, whether we like it or not, social media feeds are becoming an important and useful tool for promoting projects - and fans do want to know where they can see your work. It can also help to glean support for any charities for whom you are an advocate. But it's important to use it carefully .. my clients use me to run Official News Feeds for them, clearly presented as being that and not as a personal feed.  It means their professional work, or charitable interests,  can be promoted but without the client needing to do the whole 'hey, look at me' self-promotion themselves.


It's great if the client is also happy to supply the occasional message or photo but can also be effective with no obvious personal input from them!


Some of my Business Management Clients pay me a % of their earnings.


For those paying me hourly: I don't charge a retainer and they pay me only when they need me to do something for them.  I have a daily rate but I charge pro-rata - often an email or a phone call is all they need, and I charge only for the time it takes to do that. It's then logged on a running timesheet. I am also happy, by arrangement, to work out of conventional office hours if you are working.

as Business Manager


for some I act as Business Manager; running accounts, paying household or professional bills & liaising with Accountants.  They authorise me to act on their behalf negotiating aspects like Healthcare Cover or Home & Car Insurances - anything they'd like me to. They pay either as a % of their income, or on an hourly rate.

General Assisting 


Other clients use me more as an assistant; which can mean running their social media, managing their diary and fanmail, or organising appearances. Lately it's involved helping them get digitally smart; setting up new phones and iPads, or learning how to manage their life online.

See individual headings below for more information on those roles.

Fan Mail 


it can be overwhelming to have fan mail dropping through the door piecemeal and then piling up for whenever it can be tackled. My clients arrange for their Agency to forward all fan mail to me > I recce it quickly and alert them to anything they need to know about immediately; otherwise I have it ready for a sit down with them whenever that good moment occurs. They also like that it gets taken it away, packaged up and posted!

Some just like a printed comp slip in, some like it to look like a more personal message back, some like to see it all, some are happy for me to just send signed ones .. you choose.

NB:  Jenny Agutter fanmail: please do not send fanmail to 194 Amyand Park Rd, TW1 3HY at the moment. That address is changing following my house/office move and I will update when we know the permanent new address. If necessary email

Paperwork Spring-Cleaning 

Some manage their paperwork very well themselves most of the time and just ask for help when they are working away, or on a long contract.  Or to do the occasional spring-clean of their home office and clear a backlog.  Sometimes it's just useful to do a financial spring clean  - a spotlight on those savings accounts that are now only gaining 0.1% interest - or why you're paying insurance on a phone you traded in three years ago... (charged hourly; and my time has always ended up being covered by something we unearthed!)

Contracts, Estates & Residuals

* I've helped several clients with Estate issues following a bereavement, and very sadly, recently acted as Executor for one who passed away.

* I run the SWEENEY estate, and police the INSPECTOR MORSE estate for Sheila Hancock on behalf of John Thaw 


* sometimes clients just need help on an emergency or one-off situation such as moving house, crashing their car, or party plans - 'sagas' being a speciality!


* it may be something that benefits from my particular skill-set and experience, or something they just don't have the time or the inclination to manage themselves.


Email:      it's best to approach me by email initially

Mobile:          07973  740885

I happy to meet at my office or your home, although occasionally the latter may need to incur travel time (tbd).

I can work from my office at home, or sometimes from your home.  Often a mixture of both works well for me and the client!


If you know any of my clients have a word with them; I know they'd be happy to talk about my work.  If you don't have any contact details for them, let me know what kind of support you might need and I'll ask one of them to speak to you about that aspect.

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