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Strangeness in Space

a FREE comedy audio adventure for anyone aged 8 to 80 to enjoy together. The six-part series is written by, and starring, Saturday morning TV legends Trev and Simon with Sophie Aldred (Ace in Dr Who). Join them as 'Trev' & 'Simon', (aka Pink Custard, the UK's No1 synth pop duo) & Space Centre Shop Manager 'Sophie' find themselves accidentally stuck in Space orbiting the Planet Mirth. 

The series was crowd-funded by fans and reached no6 in the iTunes Comedy chart as well as being nominated for the Audio Verse Awards. We were also proud to be listed in The  Guardian's '50 Podcasts You Need To Hear'. 

Fans bought a wide variety of perks ranging from Trev & Simon or Sophie signed memorabilia and photographs, or Tee-shirts and Beanies, to CDs, Bags and Badges. Or unusual experiences such as having their name mentioned in the series, or commissioning a page of the script!  There are still merchandise items available here which help us afford to keep the series online and Free. 


Episode One:  FEATHERHEADS:  Download Here


Episode Two: FIVE:  Download Here

Episode Three: STEP BACK IN TIME:  Download Here

Episode Four: PET SHOCK BOYS:   Download Here

Finale part 1: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS: Download Here

Finale part 2: DARK META:  Download Here




Series Starring Trevor Neal, Simon Hickson and Sophie Aldred as ‘Trev’ and ‘Simon’ and ‘Sophie’


David Annen as Jeremy

Barnaby Edwards as L.E.M.O.N. (Linguistically Enhanced Mobile Operations Network)

Doon Mackichan as Bounty Flightingale

Sarah Madigan as M.A.D.I. (Monographic Announcement & Description Interface)


Ep 2 Guests: Rufus Hound as Atrocious Knocious, Carol Cleveland as Dr When, & Peter Guinness as Doctor Scarifium
Ep 3 Guest: Alexei Sayle as Keith Keys
Ep 4 Guest: Paterson Joseph as The Puppymaster
Finale Part 1 Guests: Katy Brand as Professor Nicole Petite, Sally Phillips as Dr Nicky Shipp and Sylvester McCoy as Sophie's Dad Nigel Metheringham
Finale Part 2 Guests: Sarah Greene as Joanna McBride, Peter Guinness as Doctor Scarifium and Sylvester McCoy as Sophie's Dad Nigel Metheringham

and thanks to Gary Cousins for being our ‘Mirthling Voice’ (Ep1), Alfred Palser as ‘Walkie Talkie Tony’ & Clare Hitchcock as ‘Tannoy Jane’ (Ep3), and Isobel Collingwood as Hubble (Ep4)



Written and directed by Trevor Neal & Simon Hickson


Producer: Clare Eden

Soundscape Design: Dave Palser

Sound Recording: Jim Armstrong, and with thanks to Blair Productions, Soho Square Studios, Toby Robinson,  Philip Matejtschuk and Chris Mock

Strangeness in Space Theme by Trevor Neal & Dave Palser, with Etta Williams

Pink Custard Music by Trevor Neal & Dave Palser with Etta Williams

Pink Custard Lyrics by Trevor Neal & Simon Hickson

Logo & Illustrations: Lee Sullivan

Associate Producers: Sharon Dominey, Mavvy Vasquez, Scott Bechthold, John Gleaves and Frazer Price


Executive Producer: Andy Wood

with special thanks to: 

Bruce Collingwood, Jamie Anderson, Henry Bunney, Vince Rogers, Deb Waters and Carys Williams..  Andof course, to everyone who tweeted and shared on social media as well as those who bought the perks that helped us fund this!


We have a full season of six episodes available to download - FREE -  via iTunes or via Buzzsprout here.


We no longer run our website but any merchandise items in our Shopping Corner help us keep the series Free via Buzzsprout.  You can also buy special Collector's Edition CDs of Eps 1 & 2 with some wonderful out-takes and special interviews.


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