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Trev & Simon

Loved by a generation as the comedy double act ‘Trev and Simon’ on long-running Saturday morning TV shows GOING LIVE!, and LIVE & KICKING. They didn't Do Duvets, or Perms for that matter but they did Swing their Pants! They wrote and performed over 20 minutes of live - and multi charactered - comedy each week for 30 weeks of the year, with big name celebrities joining their mad and unpredictable world, appearing alongside them in specially written sketches and silly games. 

Here's a slideshow from those Saturday Mornings:






Help yourself to a montage of Saturday Morning sketches here - cleverly put together by Jason Read for their Misty Moon 'An Evening With event! 


Here's a slideshow of more recent appearances:
















Who can forget this festive pant-swinging with Holly and Philip on THIS MORNING !

Trev has just recorded with Big Finish Productions, as well as in Strangeness in Space, so please ask for a voice tape.  He also has a writing project in development with 10-15 Ltd, and plays in the band Charlie Don't Surf. @surf_charlie 

Simon is currently managing the Cinema in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital - there's a Cinema in the hospital?  Yes! Run by the brilliant charity Medicinema allowing patients to see current films generously donated by the film companies. 

As Writers and Consultants...


Trev won a Childrens' BAFTA as Series Writer on ten episodes of GET WELL SOON HOSPITAL for Kindle Entertainment/CBeebies; and he and Simon each wrote on the series GET WELL SOON.  He also worked on the accompanying App. which also won a BAFTA. They each wrote episodes of JAMILLAH & ALADDIN (Kindle Entertainment) which was nominated for a Broadcast Award for Best Pre-School programme; and on the Children's series DINOPAWS, and  LITTLE ROY for Jam Media, as well as writing jointly on LET'S PLAY (The Foundation for CBeebies). Simon also has an adult drama series optioned by Kindle Entertainment with co-writer Pia Ashberry.


They have both worked as comedy and pitch consultants, separately and together; most recently for Kindle Entertainment and for Woods Films.

For Disney they wrote comedy links for Super Matrak in Turkey which they then also recorded as voiceover for its transmission in South Africa.

Please ask for a full cv of their work on individual projects, or together  -  or an availability, by emailing


Badges & Signed Photos Available Here!


Treat a friend for a special birthday or celebration

- and let us know who it's for. 

as guests on Richard Herring's

Leicester Square Podcast

      Strangeness in Space!    



Strangeness In Space is their new comedy-drama audio series; crowd-funded by fans, and for anyone aged 8 to 80 and beyond... six episodes are available to download (for free!) from its website or via iTunes.


The series is written by, and starring, Trev & Simon alongside the lovely Sophie Aldred (Ace in DR WHO), and with a stellar guest cast including Doon Mackichan, Barnaby Edwards, Rufus Hound, Carol Cleveland, Alexei Sayle, David Annen, Sarah Madigan, Peter Guinness, Sylvester McCoy, Paterson Joseph, Sally Phillips, Katy Brand and Sarah Greene.  The series reached No6 in the iTunes comedy charts as well as being nominated for four Audio Verse Awards. It was also listed in The Guardian's '50 Podcasts You Need to Hear'.


Go over to Strangeness in Space for more details and to have a listen !

"the gags come thick and fast..the sound design is  fantastic. It’s something not often found these days – an audio adventure that all the family can enjoy. It’s daft enough for the kids, and knowing enough for the adults" STARBURST 

"The silly world of Trev & Simon is back! Beautiful sound design  - get your kids to sit still and listen!" Kathy Burke


"the madcap shenanigans of the cast, the leaps of imagination and the punning humour makes this ideal for  youngsters". Digismart Literacy


You can follow them on social media here:


Their social media pages are full of photos - here are just a few in a SLIDESHOW GALLERY


Facebook: official news page at Trev and Simon 

- or as Trevor Neal, and Simon Hickson


Twitter at @TrevandSimon 

and individually @SimonMHickson  and  @TrevorNeal 

and on Instagram at Trev and Simon


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