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I have a few clients to whom I offer personal management - please email me at to enquire further about them, or visit their own pages as linked below.

Sylvester McCoy

You'll know him as Radagast in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT feature film trilogy; the 7th Doctor in DOCTOR WHO, and recently as The Old Man of Hoy in two series of SENSE 8 for Netflix.

Find Sylvester's Page here

Trev & Simon

Saturday Morning TV Legends; writing and performing comedy each week on GOING LIVE and LIVE AND KICKING! Now writing and starring in audio comedy STRANGENESS IN SPACE.

Find Trev & Simon's page here

Trevor Neal

as well as being Trev in 'Trev & Simon', he works on his own as a writer and performer; most recently receiving a Children's BAFTA for his work as Series Writer on GET WELL SOON HOSPITAL; ten episodes for CBeebies.  

Simon Hickson

Simon is currently managing the Cinema in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital - there's a Cinema in the hospital?  Yes! Run by the brilliant charity Medicinema allowing patients to see current films generously donated by the film companies. Ask for availability.

Sharon Miller

Sharon works as Voice Director, Producer, Writer and in voice-casting. Currently voice directing animated series' PADDINGTON, THOMAS & FRIENDS, and FOX & HARE, with several writing projects in development.


Dave Palser

New client; information coming soon

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