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Our Next Meeting:

Our next Trustees meeting to discuss applications will be in June/July 2024. 


The date will not be confirmed until nearer the time; and the deadline for applications will be 3-4 weeks before it. 


If you wish to apply please email to ask for the guidelines which will have changed by then; you will need to have read those before you apply.

The PO Box, and the Amyand Park Rd address are no longer valid. The guidelines will update you as needed.

Things to Note:

We only allocate funds at two meetings each year: roughly January and June/July.

We are a very small Foundation and we are likely to fund between £1-£3k.


Please be aware that the Foundation cannot help individuals, or emerging artists in training.

We do not have an office or permanent staff; I work as needed and it is always best to contact me by email rather than phone.

All other information on how to apply is in our very detailed guidelines, available on request.

The Foundation is a small charity that John Thaw set up before he died. Here's Dame Sheila Hancock on the invaluable work the Foundation achieves 22 years on.


"The John Thaw Foundation is a small charity that I have the honour of continuing for him with a dedicated Board of Trustees. 


It is able to offer support to disadvantaged and underprivileged young people by funding carefully selected projects, run by a wide range of established organisations, as well as smaller grass roots groups, across the UK. These projects all help young people to fulfil their potential and broaden their horizons and aspirations, despite the many challenges they face.  


A supported project may be aimed at young people who need help to get their life back on track; for instance, young offenders, or those at risk of offending, or excluded from school, increasingly an issue now even for primary school pupils.  It might help young carers, or those who leave care at 18, only to find themselves entirely unsupported. Sometimes it is work in the field of conflict resolution; whether it is related to gang culture or bullying. We also fund projects with children who have complex mental or physical disabilities. More recently it found itself helping families struggling as a result of the pandemic. We like to offer opportunities to some children who will otherwise miss out on cultural enrichment, whether it be through lack of music provision in schools that cannot afford it, or for a trip or event that the school’s parent base simply couldn’t afford.


All these projects are aimed at developing young people’s sense of collaboration, creative thinking, and commitment; and will increase their confidence, skillset and social engagement.


The Foundation tries to give to smaller projects, where we can see the money will make a real difference. We are vigilant in our monitoring of outcomes, and wherever possible we ensure that we, or one of our committed volunteers, attend a performance, or presentation, or work in practise, so we can monitor the efficacy of the project in person. 


If you would like more information on the range of projects we support, or to find out how you might offer support too, please email the administrator Every donation makes a difference and is hugely appreciated by me, the devoted Trustees, and above all, by those we are able to help."


Dame Sheila Hancock

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