T'is the season to start thinking about presents... There are several iconic Trev & Simon shots to choose from that will bring some festive cheer to a friend or loved one ... or just because you fancy one yourself!


Or perhaps a loved one has a special birthday or anniversary coming up?  They can dedicate it to someone but keep any messages short or they won't fit !


In 10 x 8/A4, they'll be signed by both of them, and you may find a catchphrase on there as well!  Each at £12 which includes p&p in the UK.  If you would like more than one image look at the multi-options below which will reduce the cost per photo. Then message us in the box below to tell us which images you want.

Swing 'Em: Don Singing and Bob Corner .. ready to swing 'em with you. (There are several varations on this - all have Don Singing & Bob Corner but slightly different variations and not all exampled above)

Wall Dudes: they came across this wall in South London with Time Out photographer Rob Greig (there are full length, and cropped/waist up versions of this)

Character Card: The main image is of Don Singing and Bob Corner, of The Singing Corner fame. Others include Ken and Eddie Kennedy the barbers, Don and Dougie Draper the dry cleaners, The World of the Strange, and... yes! Many more!

Back in Time: Have one of the very original Devilfish Hornclub promo cards kept from way back in the 1980s, or one of our new print run in b&w 10 x 8 (which will also be signed for you)


Top Hat! We also have six prints of this rare one! 

* reminder: UK p&p is included but there will be additional shipping charges for outside the UK.


If you'd like an even more special present have a look in the store for the original 'Blimey, That's Good' tour poster, or their 'Stupid Book' poster, or their 1992 World Tour programme!

Choice of Signed Photos

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  • UK p&p is included but there will need to be an additional charge if it is going abroad.

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