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65 Roses... Jenny Agutter

It's my great pleasure to work with Jenny and she's just asked me a question I feel impelled to address with gusto...

In her usual very humble way, she tells me she contributed 'a few personal items' to the 65 Roses Auction, raising funds for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis, a cause close to her heart for many years and one for which she works tirelessly as Patron. (Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth recognised this dedication with an OBE for services to charity - and very well deserved it was too).

Jenny has asked me for help getting word out on this because she wants to ensure these personal items bring in as much support for the auction as possible… and when Jenny says ‘a few personal items’ she means ....

“My wedding dress made by Zandra Rhodes. My script from Logan's run. A Zandra Rhodes dress bought for the Royal Premiere of The Railway Children. A 1920's coat which I wore the evening I received a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in Equus."

She also asked some well known people to create an art work based on a rose (for the Sixty Five Roses Auction - so called because many years ago, the closest a young child could come to pronouncing the name of his life threatening hereditary condition Cystic Fibrosis, was Sixty Five roses and this innocent mispronunciation was picked up by the CF Community world wide.)

And Zandra Rhodes, Timothy Spall, Harriet Walter, Honeysuckle Weeks, Mayor Boris Johnson responded with art work - and Jenny has also done a painting of a rose. All of these are also in the auction along with a glorious collection of other Rose-centric offerings.

Some of the above may tempt you yourself of course … but if you haven’t the funds then perhaps you have time and can support by passing word of this round Twitter and Facebook?

Jenny Agutter’s Logan’s Run script!! Her wedding dress! These are very treasured possessions and I for one feel such generosity of spirit from her deserves to be supported.

#peoplepowerontheinternet … one of the things we can achieve whoever we are!

Where are these wonderful gifts? Here!

Her Logan’s Run Script and her Wedding Dress are on the Cystic Fibrosis page at:

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