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Jenny Agutter: Call The Midwife

Sunday's episode of the ever popular Call The Midwife series covered the very sensitive issue of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Jenny found it a very moving storyline, with a very honest and beautifully dignified performance by Yusra Warsama. She thought you may like to know about a very worthy project being run by Nimco Ali who was one of the advisors on the FGM storyline.

Nimco has teamed up with Dr Hassan Ali, at the Borama Regional Public Hospital in Somaliland to raise funds for a blood bank at the hospital. Many of Dr Hassan’s women patients have suffered from complications in labour due to FGM, and are dying due to blood loss. A blood bank could potentially save hundreds of lives. If you would like to support their work you can find Nimco’s fundraising page here:

Even if you were just able to share this on your own timelines to help spread the word, you will be helping save lives.

Thank You.

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